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Future EV Dashboard?


New Update!: This board is now supported by QNX (looks perfect for our needs): http://www.emtrion.de/hico7780_sbc_en.php

Need one of these for CAN development with QNX: http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/prod_summary.jsp?code=i.MX31

  • Why do you need that?
  • The datasheet doesn't mention CAN
  • It's more powerful than the motor control cpu
  • It's only bare cpu, how do you attach it to the evaluation kit?

Evaluation Kit comes with the following HW:

Really needs motherboard like this so we have a CAN Bus interface: http://www.menmicro.com/products/15mm01-.html

Requirements starting point (courtesy of Michael Day):

  • Main Battery Voltage
  • Main Battery Ampere
  • Main Battery Temperature
  • Main battery Ampere-Hour
  • Main battery time remaining to a minimum discharge point
  • Accessory battery DC voltage
  • DC-DC Converter DC output voltage
  • Motor Amperes
  • Motor Voltage
  • Motor Temperature
  • Motor Rpm
  • Controller Temperature
  • Controller control voltage indicator
  • Main contactor on indicator and pre-charge indicator
  • EV away time
  • EV motor power on time
  • EV motor power off time (while EV is moving, but not under power)

-- Main.PhilipCourt - 03 Jul 2009