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LATA protocol small.jpg


See also USB<->CAN documentation here: (info on programing the hardware on these devices is here: USB-CAN)

Key info from this doc is:

This command transmits an extended 29 Bit CAN frame. It works only if controller is in operational mode after command “O”.

  • iiiiiiii Identifier in hexadecimal (00000000-1FFFFFFF) i.e. 100000BD in our example above
  • L Data length code (0-8) i.e. 2 in example above
  • DD Data byte value in hexadecimal (00-FF). Number of given data bytes will be checked against given data length code. e.g. 64 hex = 100% (i.e. on) and 00 hex is 0% (i.e. off) in our example above

Return: [CR] or [BEL]


  • LATA CAN in minicom terminal:

'V' - returns the version of the USB<->CAN device

'S4' - sets the comms rate (125K) Don't forget this!

'O' - sets the right mode

The fist byte is the Command:

  • 100 (0x64) = CMD_SWITCH_TO
  • 101 (0x65) = CMD_QUERY_CIRCUIT
  • 102 (0x66) = CMD_PULSE

The 2nd byte in this example is either:

  • 0x64 = 100% (i.e. on)
  • 0x00 = 0% (i.e. off)

JF2 M2 Power + CAN CAT5 pins

  • JF2_M2_PowerCAN.png

LATA CANBUS terminator is a CAT5 plug with a 120 Ohm resistor between pins 1 and 2 (CANL and CANH).

  • TechShowRoom:

Lata switch on dev kit at software freedom day: