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The title of your paper: Electric Freedom

The type of paper: Presentation (45 minutes)

An abstract summarising your paper, up to 500 words:

Goal. Create the best !EV components ever made, using open source technology (LGPL and Creative Commons) with the long term intention to create an environment of collaboration, interchangeability and continuous improvement within the EV market. Integrate this with open Vehicle To Grid (V2G) systems combined with a distributed Solar Network and we have a community based energy and personal transportation infrastructure.

The presentation will cover:

  • Overview of Vehicle Systems
  • Brief description of the Tumanako BMS - See Tom Parker's presentation for details
  • Tumanako AC motor controller (a 3 channel 200,000 watt amplifier)
  • Tumanako SolarNetwork V2G extensions

As with many open source projects, this requires a synergistic relationship between commercial entities and open source communities. Commercial entities contribute to humanity with tested and ready to use products, while also contributing to open source communities with knowledge time and money. Open source communities contribute to humanity (which includes commercial entities) with the best, most appropriate solutions and technologies to satisfy the needs and address the issues that are present in society at any particular point in time (no marketing lag or legal positioning, just what is needed).

  • Any special technical requirements: No
  • The target audience: Business, Community, Developer or User: Business, Community, and Developer.
  • The name of the project your paper relates to, including its URL:
  • A short video about your paper, the project it relates to and/or yourself : Yikes
  • Any additional files, including images, slides, etc
  • Whether accommodation and/or travel assistance is required: No
  • Information about you, including your name, phone number, homepage, biography and relevant experience:
  • Whether materials relating to your paper can be released under a Creative Commons ShareALike License :Yes

-- Main.PhilipCourt - 23 Jul 2009