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Our plan (target completion dates):

*Date* Description* *Responsible
16th Dec Motor drawings and spline details (DIN) delivered to Ian [PC, MS]
16th Dec Renault transaxle delivered to Ian [BT]
14th Jan Get motor and controller to NZ, bench test and deliver Motor to Ian for fitting to transaxle [PC, TP] (if we can meet this agressive target it will fit well with Ian's holiday staffing plans)
4th Feb Brakes Suspension and axles chosen and fitted to Saker [BT, PC]
4th Feb Motor and Transaxle combined and delivered to BT [IJ]
25th Feb Motor and transaxle mounted in Saker [BT]
15th Mar Battery and electrical component installation complete [TP, PC, BT]
15th Mar Electric Saker "1st drive" (slow and timid!) [TP, PC, BT - Everyone invited]
2008 Compete in first competitive race and don't come last.

Done or in progress:


-- Main.PhilipCourt - 15 Dec 2007