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This page is our TODO list for minor jobs. The Team will knock these off during scheduled windows of opportunity (where the vehicle is available to be worked on for such jobs). Please put your name against an item if you wish to do it.

Scheduled work:

Date Description Responsible
tick.gif5th Dec * Remove lead acid pack framing [SM]
tick.gif5th Dec * Remove unused suspension bracket [SM]
7th Dec * *clutch back stop (to prevent over extension) Now tapped in place - double check setting before permanent attachment. 25/1/2012: Bled clutch, rechecked for contact point. Now does not seem to need back stop. Unusual variation. [PC, SM]
tick.gif 19th-23rd Dec Action - * Easy panel access to E Vision 2 controls(modify some interior panels to allow quick easy access when required) [SM]
19th-23rd Dec * Re-home the new contactors in front of motor [SM, EC]
tick.gif Design Options - * Re-home the inverter for new battery pack (New inverter frame on top of motor OR indent aluminium fire wall and place behind passenger seat) Note 29/12/2011: Best option for race prototype is to mount above motor. The rear mount points for this will be integral with the bracket that will brace the motor to the space frame, and provide a bolting surface for end attachment points of the battery pack Note 20/3/2012: This option has been implemented, with the inverter mounted above the motor, with front attachment points via tapped holes into flat bar welded to firewall horizontal brace, and rear mounts on brace brackets for transmission. This is in place as at 22-2-2012 [SM]
19th-23rd Dec * Data logger (wiring for data logger and GPS needs to be completed - separate harness for this [SM]
tick.gif * Dyno - build of a frame / bracket to hold motors together. 25/1/2012: Delivered motors to Primero Profile to cut plate from 8mm 350 grade and use to bolt motors together. They will cut the holes that will be straight through/able to be bolted. The remaining holes requiring drilling and tapping we will sort once have back from this stage. 8/2/2012: Primero Profile stage complete. Have delivered plate to Tordiech Engineering (ph 5710010) for the other holes to be drilled and tapped. Note 20/3/2012: The drilling and tapping of the holes has been completed and the dyno motors bolted together using the adapter plate as at 22-2-2012 [SM]
tick.gif19th-23rd Dec * PCB mounting in junction box - part of replacing low voltage EVision with new high voltage EVision 2 [SM]
no set time Source 12V battery (possibly a submodule of main pack) [PC]
no set time Secure Aux 12V battery [SM]
no set time Replace low voltage EVision with new high voltage EVision 2. - in progress... [SM,PC,EC]
tick.gif * Torque brace for transaxle. 24/1/2012; This brace has been given to Aeon Engineering to make. They say it will be ready within 2 weeks. Second aspect will be welding to the space frame a piece of 50 x 25 x 3 box section, cut open at one end to enable double-shear bolting for the torque brace / bracket 10-2-2012: The attachment brackets for the brace brackets are now drilled and welded to the chassis. The flat bar for attaching the front of the inverter is now welded in place. The brace brackets have been fabricated and test-fitted. Minor modification to be made / extension of ends - the brace brackets are back at Able for this to be done. Note 20-3-2012: This brace is bolted in place and, through the double shear mounting approach, looks in keeping with the rest of the chassis design. Complete (bar top coating for paint finish) as at 22-2-2012 [SM]
no set time * Dash wiring (Key, wiper, rain light and Dash2 menu control wiring needs to be completed) [SM]
no set time * Data logger (wiring for data logger and GPS needs to be completed - separate harness for this [SM]
no set time *Silicone and tape pins in the axle [SM]
tick.gif *Battery pack retention calculation options [SM]
tick.gif *Inverter retention calculation options [SM]

  • *Check torque settings on axle and drivetrain (see blog!)
  • Wheel alignment needed
  • Liquid to the radiator and cooling system
  • Replace the rear wheel nuts as well (for consistency with front - requires studs to be shortened or replaced)
  • Gear leaver mechanical connection (Standard Saker setup needs to be modified due to chassis variations)
  • Pin missing from rear body panel
  • Fit fire extinguisher


  • Remove lead acid pack framing
  • Remove unused suspension bracket [SM]
  • Fit wing mirror (we have the missing mirror now! Need to purchase suitable fixing screw/bolt) [EC, PC]
  • Fix crack in body panel above rear wheel (need to purchase fiber glass mat) [PC]
  • Organise safe place to store body panel while working on car for long periods! (i.e. In the front of the crate) [PC]
  • Slots in seats for harness [FC, PC]
  • Padlocks [PC]
  • *Front wheel spacers* Bruce says spacers not needed, machine the nuts to sort this out! (we have replaced the the wheel studs and nuts) [EC, PC]
  • Get clutch working (hydraulic line is not properly connected or bled) [EC, FC, PC]

-- Main.PhilipCourt - 25 Jan 2009