NZ Smart Grid

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Productive first step:

Design session on the details of an API (Application Programing Interface e.g. a webservices interface) to provide demand control in the house (leveraging existing in home technology where possible).

The goal:

Design and implement and working v1.0 API that does the basics required to get a demand side management system going. The intent is to make this API available to all demand control service providers (authority and the ability to participate will be controlled by an appropriate regulatory body).

Design session should cover the following items:

  1. Webservices API defined which will provide the v1.0 starting point (including addressing of API and application level security considerations).
  2. Data transport layer security considerations (e.g. The need for dedicated and restricted IP addresses or the use of a VPN).
  3. Plan to deliver a working prototype (e.g. national test system talking with service provider test systems)
  4. Beta version of the rollout strategy and a rough target date for a trial (including initial risks analysis)
  5. API upgrade strategies

An example API:

-- Main.PhilipCourt - 22 Mar 2010