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Expected Performance

-- Main.PhilipCourt - 25 Dec 2007

  • 1PV5135WS28 with EVI-200 Torque and Power graph (Bob has a less simplistic version with consideration for back EMF etc here):

Q. What voltage is required to achieve these theoretical power & torque figures?

A. 572V x 350A = 200kW, but assuming we only get 92% efficiency we need 622V (see EVI-200 specs). Having typed this, I see that MMC states that the max input current for this controller is only 280A, if this is the case, making the same efficiency assumption we need 777V to get 200kW.

Q. I'm not sure if you can do these voltage calculations quite as simply as this. I will run the numbers on my motor and see if they match. Also don't forget that the batteries will sag somewhat when you draw current.