Renault UN1 Transaxle

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Renault UN1 Transaxle (UN1-04)

See Renault UN1 google doc for more info.

The recommended oil is ~3 litres of Castrol TAF-X 75W/90. Due to the fact that this is not available in NZ and that many people using the UN1 on the track use Redline MTL, we will do the same (buy this from BNT).

*Donar Vehicle* *model* *1st* *2nd* *3rd* *4th* *5th* *reverse* *Diff*
25V6 UN 1-04 3.36 2.05 1.38 0.96 0.76 3.55 3.89

Using 2nd, 4th and 5th we get the following overall drive ratios and performance figures.

gear Overall ratio 0-100kph time Rev limited top speed Additional Information
2nd 7.97:1 ~2.2 sec ~130 km/h at 10,000 RPM
4th 3.73:1 ~4.7 sec ~280 km/h change from 2nd starting revs 4,815 (peak power reached at 4244 RPM)
5th 2.96:1 ~5.9 sec ~350 km/h change from 2nd starting revs 3,714, change from 4th starting revs 7,714

However 5th gear is the weakest in the box. (wayback machine link)

  • Plot of Wheel Torque against speed in various gears: