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Some useful contactors and fuse links:
Some useful contactors and fuse links:
* http://www.evsource.com/tls_relays.php
* http://www.evsource.com/tls_relays.php
* http://www.gigavac.com/products/contactors/gigavac/index.htm - gigavac have a nice range of well packaged contactors (I think we we should standardise on using these within our systems - Philip)
* [[High Voltage]]
* [[High Voltage]]

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Using three phase AC synchronous Ford traction motor and SKAI with the following specifications :

  • Type 1PV5 133
  • F8Y8 148280 AC
  • 4W S20 WII
  • Th CI, F Rated battery voltage 250V
  • Made by Siemens in Germany
  • N515 0133 12
  • KRX Antrib Asynchron
  • RPM: 3500-9700
  • Operating voltage 215 - 380Volt - 282 Amp (RMS 400 peak)
  • 67Kw peak ( 30Kw continuous)
  • SKAI3001G12

Good explanation of contactors and precharge circuit: http://liionbms.com/php/precharge.php

A poor discussion on the subject: http://www.diyelectriccar.com/forums/showthread.php/gigavac-contactor-faultyi-23236.html Off the top of my head, it is suggested that these rules be broken at various points in the discussion

  • Do use the correct suppression system for your contactor -- make sure it turns on and off fast enough, make sure not to blow up the circuit driving the contactor
  • Do use a precharge resistor capable of continuous operation
  • Don't apply power to the controller all the time through the precharge resistor
  • Do use an appropriately rated precharge contactor
  • Do monitor the system to ensure the contactor is working.

Some useful contactors and fuse links:

-- Main.PhilipCourt - 18 Sep 2009