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Using three phase AC synchronous Ford traction motor and SKAI with the following specifications :

This page ( says they are 6 pole? (is that right Ed?).

Might have the following temp sensor (to be confirmed): KTY 84 - 130

Encoder info: My numbering, Their numbering, My pinout, Their pinout

  • 1, 3, B, thermistor+ (2)
  • 2, 2, thermistor, thermistor- (1 and 2)
  • 3, 1, thermistor, thermistor+ (1)
  • 4, 4, A, B
  • 5, 6, 0V, 5V
  • 6, 7, 5V, 0V
  • not present, 5, -, A

Pack Voltage: 325V nominal

Good explanation of contactors and precharge circuit:

A poor discussion on the subject: Off the top of my head, it is suggested that these rules be broken at various points in the discussion

  • Do use the correct suppression system for your contactor -- make sure it turns on and off fast enough, make sure not to blow up the circuit driving the contactor
  • Do use a precharge resistor capable of continuous operation
  • Don't apply power to the controller all the time through the precharge resistor
  • Do use an appropriately rated precharge contactor
  • Do monitor the system to ensure the contactor is working.

Some useful contactors and fuse links:

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