Wheels And Tyres

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Our new tyres and wheels are now fitted!

The tyres are 255x50x16 rear and 225x50x16 front, Toyo RA1 DOT street legal (good wet tyres and we will get good mileage from them). The Wheels are 16" Volk racing, setup to give 16x9.6 rear and 16x8 front.


Other details:

  • Wheel stud pattern is 4x114.3.
  • Wheel offset, front and rear is 110mm from the hub face (where the wheel is bolted) to the outside of the rim.

Will upgrade to slicks once everything else is sorted.

Sorting out wheel studs and nuts to get thread pitch the same all round and to ensure front nuts are seating correctly. Upgrading to "Nice Products" available from [vie.co.nz/site/pages/a_standard.asp?aid=-1948453884 Davies Motors:

  • Front Studs: S469 (M12 x 1.25)
  • Nuts all round: J432-20

-- Main.PhilipCourt - 25 Jun 2008

  • Front wheel stud:
  • Wheel Nut: