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Our plan (target completion dates):

Date Description Responsible
tick.gif16th Dec Renault transaxle delivered to Ian [BT]
tick.gif4th Feb Brakes Suspension and axles chosen and fitted to Saker [BT, PC]
tick.gif19th Feb Motor drawings and spline details (DIN) delivered to Ian [PC, MS]
tick.gif4th Aug Get motor and controller to NZ [PC] (Its on the way now via sea freight - a bit of slippage here...)
tick.gif7th Aug Deliver Motor to Ian for fitting to transaxle [PC, TP]
tick.gif1st Sept Motor and Transaxle combined and delivered to BT [IJ]
tick.gif6th Sept Motor and transaxle mounted in Saker [BT]
tick.gif12th Sept Temporary lead acid battery and electrical component installation complete [TP, PC, BT]
tick.gif19th Sept NZ Speed Show [PC, MS]
15th and 16th Nov
tick.gif7th Dec We will be at the Clevedon Markets with the GS750V [PC, TP, MS]
Dec 2008 (hopefully!) Electric Saker "1st drive" (slow and timid!), exact date to be determined soon [TP, PC, BT - Everyone invited] Original Inverter software issues have not been resolved by the manufacturer (EVISOL). In fact they appear to have done a runner from their obligations
tick.gifJan 2010 Electric Saker "1st drive" (slow and timid!) [EC, PC] Inverter software issues solved. See
2013 Battery upgrade complete (see Battery Construction) [TP, PC, EC] - This is the final hurdle and we need to get this right! Technology (and business!?) decisions are narrowing in on a solution (target Oct 2013)
2014 Compete in first competitive race (with the Bikini Pack it will be a hill climb, not the NZSC Series as originally planed) [TG, BT, EC, TP, FK]

Done or in progress:


  • Testing
  • BMS requirement (store certifiable one way encrypted(?) full history of battery pack and inividual cell charge and discharge behaviour. This provides valuable info to support resale value of the pack)

Other Stuff:

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