Miyachi Unitek Welder

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Welder setup:

When a switch closes channel 1 to common, the welder attempts a weld to weld schedule 1. Switch 2 welds to schedule 2. Schedule 1 is marked for +ve terminal. Schedule 2 is marked for -ve terminal.

Each weld head has a built in contact that verifies the head has sufficient pressure for a weld.

Each of these force switches and the 2nd position of the pedal are series connected from common to a schedule select switch, which connects to either schedule 1 or 2 input.

For a weld to occur, the pedal needs to be depressed fully, both force switches activated, and the weld schedule switch selecting a weld schedule.

Position 1 of the foot-switch actuates the pneumatic solenoid valves to action the head.

--Edward Cheeseman 9 Oct 2012

Welder has now been trial run. Most plugs have been changed for more common alternatives.

Some modification will be necessary to allow the welder to run from a residential supply. As it is it's taking a fair chunk out of the mains (lights all flicker) so perhaps a decent DC storage bank will be the best approach. The precharge resistor will need to be softened (if it is present at all). -- Main.EdCheeseman - 02 Feb 2010

We have the following Miyachi Unitek welder for pack construction:

  • IT-510B weld transformer
  • Unitek Equipment Thin Line Series 188A Weld Heads

Some specifications on these (and similar) Miyachi weld components here and here.

FYI - Place we used to cut our MDF etc for battery pack jigs used while welding: "Cabnet Place", 5 Neil Park Drive, 09 279 2434.

Various plugs and sockets we need cables for:

  • IP-217A Control Pin Out:
  • IP-217A Sense In:
  • IT-510B Sense out:
  • IT-510B V-Sense:
  • IT-510B V Sense wires:
  • Weld Head Sense Line:
  • 24V Weld head power:
  • Foot pedal plug:
  • IP-217A Setup:

-- Main.PhilipCourt - 15 May 2009