Battery Construction

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The Saker bikini pack is made up of two 5kWh batteries, one either side of the motor (the Saker will run on one battery pack, but it is designed to have 2 batteries for HCS race spec performance).

Here is our 2013 schedule to complete both batteries and the commissioning by 31st October:

  • FR4 separators (Done) [EC, PC]
  • 31st July - Complete battery enclosure design (Done) [PS, EC, PC]
  • 10th July - Tower #1 test (our batteries are made of 4 towers) [EC, PC]
  • 7th Aug - Enclosure complete (Done) [PS]
  • 31st July - Battery #1 build [EC, PC]
  • 10/11th August - Battery #1 test and test drive [EC, TP, PC]
  • Battery #2 build
    • 11th Sept - all modules built [EC, PC]
    • 9th Oct - all towers built [EC, PC]
    • 19th Oct - Battery #2 test [EC, TP, PC]
  • 31st Oct - Saker shake down complete [TG, EC, PC]
  • April - Chassis mods [GO]
  • April - Mini enclosure for contactor and fuse at top of pack [PC]

FR4 guillotining performed by

Cut FR4