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Using three phase AC synchronous Ford traction motor and SKAI with the following specifications :

This page ( says they are 6 pole.

Might have the following temp sensor (to be confirmed): KTY 84 - 13

Ed's estimates (16MHz temperature data on digital line PC8):

  • 440Hz = 30 deg C
  • 250Hz = 220 deg C
  • 200Hz = 290 deg C
  • TODO - calibrate and test!


Acquired pinout: FordEncoderPlug.png

The wire colours are correct, but it seems at some point the second thermistor was removed, along with pin 5, which changed all the pins. As we have no matching plug, pin numbers are irrelevant. Encoder info: My numbering, Their numbering, My pinout, Their pinout

  • 1, 3, B, thermistor+ (2)
  • 2, 2, thermistor, thermistor- (1 and 2)
  • 3, 1, thermistor, thermistor+ (1)
  • 4, 4, A, B
  • 5, 6, 0V, 5V
  • 6, 7, 5V, 0V
  • not present, 5, -, A

Pack Voltage: 325V nominal

Good explanation of contactors and precharge circuit:

A poor discussion on the subject: Off the top of my head, it is suggested that these rules be broken at various points in the discussion

  • Do use the correct suppression system for your contactor -- make sure it turns on and off fast enough, make sure not to blow up the circuit driving the contactor
  • Do use a precharge resistor capable of continuous operation
  • Don't apply power to the controller all the time through the precharge resistor
  • Do use an appropriately rated precharge contactor
  • Do monitor the system to ensure the contactor is working.

Some useful contactors and fuse links:

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