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Emergency Disconnect Switch

The EVI200 system is supplied with main contactors. It's unclear if any additional equipment is required for emergency disconnection. Anderson disconnects or circuit breakers should be used when performing maintenance.

  • Gigavac GX12 - a contactor that can almost do the job from the specs (gigavac have said that it will do the job via email).
  • EV200] - (Gigavac and Kilovac comparison [here) - includes optional aux contacts
  • LEV200 - a contactor that will do the job according to specs (available here, rs pricing here.). This contactor doesn't have auxiliary contacts, making it complicated to verify if it is working.



EVI200 Provided cabling

50^2mm pirelli nsgafoeu 1.8-3kV, approx 15mm outside diameter. http://www.nexans.de/eservice/navigation/NavigationFamily.nx?navigationId=183174 http://www.drakakabely.pl/images/stories/files/KatalogDatoveListyCZ/Pryzove/NSGAFOEU...pdf


Useful glossary of terms used in fuse specification sheets.

Also, a range of potential fuses from Ferraz Shawmut: http://www.ferrazshawmutsales.com/special.htm Guidelines on their application: http://www.ferrazshawmutsales.com/pdfs/applications.pdf

  • File:900V Squarebody.pdf: Ferraz Shawmut Square Body 900VDC 100kA (in particular Catalogue number: "CC 7,5 gRC 122 TTF 0315", Ref "M085249" looks good)