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We need a clutch because to start with we will be doing manual gear changes (we need gear changes because we don't want to compromise low end acceleration or top end speed, yes this compromise is still present even with 450Nm and 10,000 RPM - see RenaultUN1Transaxle for more info). The clutch is also needed to develop and test the computer controlled gear changes (we don't want to blow things to bits if we have a software bug during development and testing!)

Here's what we are using:

  • Clutch Plate 23mm (29/32") Diameter x 21 tooth spline, Tilton part # 64140-9-AA-26 (mates directly to the UN1 gearbox)
  • Clutch Cover Assembly, Tilton part # 67-002-HG

Parts ordered through Cardwells in Auckland.

Received the cover assembly and bolts today (12th June), the plates arrived last week.
Here they all are: