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This page shows our options and decisions with respect to cabling and connectors etc within the auxilary 12V system. The DC-DC Converter page shows one way we could keep the power flowing in the 12V system, although it is likely we will be using a separate 12V battery which we will choose to charge between races, rather than installing an alternator to charge it (this eliminates the DC-DC Converter, but on the downside it gives us one more thing to do between races).

The GS750V will use Weather Pack connectors: Weather Pack 6 way water proof plug (available from Capital Instruments or Pegasus racing in the USA)

For additional info on connectors see Electric Mini's connectors

Race Technology on board computer: Dash2

Wiring looms

+12V Power (via emergency stop) - Red/White -ve (chassis ground) - White/Green

Dash 2 wiring:

  • Common - White
  • Menu - Orange
  • Up - Green
  • Down - Brown
  • Select - Pink (Grey)

Wet weather wiring:

  • Rain Light - White/Black
  • Wiper - Purple

Key Switch:

  • 1. Acccesories (dash, pump) - Blue/Red
  • 2. Ignition (inverter IGN) - Red/Blue
  • 3. Start - Green/Red

EVision AUX +12V (Black Switch #1) - Yellow

TODO (combine in one switch?):

  • Pump (Black Switch #2)
  • Logger (Black Switch #3)
  • Dash 2 (Black Switch #3)


-- Main.PhilipCourt - 04 Aug 2008