NLG513- Sx Charger Notes

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Brusa Charger isssues:

  • Get "SDT Batt VoltHi" Error when traction battery not connected (see screen shot below). This is error is misleading.
    This is due to a bug in the Brusa charger: this page describes the problem and workarounds
  • Under the same conditions (traction battery not connected) the "Mains Voltage [V]" on the serial console in "Main Characteristics" mode displays a larger than expected voltage e.g. 337.6 V where it should be about 240V (see screen shot below)
  • current reported on the serial console (is different to the actual output current)
Batt VoltHi Error: 

High mains voltage reading:


All of the above needs to be written up more precisely (in particular the conditions under which they occur), as this is from memory.

The image in the manual showing COM port settings for the "monitor" terminal application is close to unreadable. Here is a better one.

  • COM port settings for hyperterminal: