Windows Of Opportunity

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Current windows are:

  • Monday Evenings (5:30pm onwards)
  • Tuesdays (Morning and early afternoon)
  • Wednesday Evenings (5:30pm onwards)
  • Thursday Evenings (5:30pm onwards)
  • Friday Evenings (5:30pm onwards)
  • Sundays (all day)

Table below is to record what is being done, when its being done and by whom (the next window and task expected to occur is identified with an asterisk).

Date Task(s) Attendees Confirmed
Sat 23rd Jan 2010 2:00 pm Clutch and wiper wiring Philip, !Frank, Tom tick.gif Philip
Sun 20th March 2011 11am Pack space measurements Philip and Ed tick.gif Philip, Ed
Sun 27th March 2011 10am Wing mirror, seat slots, fiber glass Philip, Frank tick.gif Philip
Sun 3rd April 2011 10:30am Wing mirror, fiber glass, storage Philip, Ed tick.gif Philip
Sun 10th April 2011 10:30am ? ? ?

Before any task is good to go, it must be confirmed by either Philip, Ed or Frank.

-- Main.PhilipCourt - 25 Jan 2009